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It’s Feels Good To Be Back!

Our first house concert on December 5, 2015, was awesome – a lovely backyard venue and a friendly crowd of 40+ people.  We could’t have asked for a better night for…

What?!?  A gig?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the States and there is plenty to be thankful for – family, friends, our health, the RAIN, and of course, music.  It’s true that our…

Drums, drums, drums!

Hello there! I’m happy to report that Nick’s drums have been recorded for all three of our new songs.  We just finished recording drums for the last song last weekend…

Dodgy Lyrics and Re-Voiced Chords

Work is progressing nicely on our new three song EP.  Finally.  I got a bit bogged down with lyric writing paralysis, but that has passed.  Two songs are ready to…

Gone But Not Forgotten

I’d be lying if I said Karl’s passing didn’t knock the wind out of my sails.  For me, it was two deaths in one – the death of a friend…


  • Enjoyed some Warm This Winter ale tonight. Also tried some Sours. Interesting, but not my thing. Apparently.,
  • A little push at 5.6kHz seems to help.,
  • Love lazy, rainy weekends.,
  • Checking mixes. Oh yes.,

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